Hi there! I'm Héctor González, a Spanish game designer focusing on combat and narrative design.

I've recently completed my studies in game design at ESAT, and I am now actively looking for a job to gain professional experience in the industry and continue my growth as a designer. 

I have always been interested in games. Playing and especially watching people talk about video games online was a big part of my childhood. 

As I grew up I started to play more and more different games: Xenoblade Chronicles, Nier: Automata, and The Last of Us shaped my preferences for story-driven games and reaffirmed my desire to dedicate myself to video games in a professional manner. 

For that reason, I started an HND in Computer Game Development (Game Design), where I started to understand the true complexity of game development, at the time I improved my documentation and team skills.

Now I aim to create those powerful experiences that shaped me and still shape me - to hopefully leave a mark on players all around the world with my job.

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